Orange                       ©John Pire                  Tangerine Pearled

©John Pire
Tangerine Crested

©Jeff Downing                                                                              ©John Pire
Wild Type Crested

©John Pire
Note: the orange-yellow iris coloration

This mutation was recently imported into the US (2002). The "crest" is at the back of the head. Can be found in any of the known colors. Genetics are currently beginning, here in the US now that this mutation has been imported. It is believed the gene is recessive & is showing to be recessive.

Of interest; the male's "posturing" towards a hen is somewhat different then in the more common "risoria".  It seems to be a bit more towards what I have seen in the Vinaceous Ringdove display. Their body is more rigid during the "strut" & tail is fanned when the male "postures" or courts a hen. In doing some research with the young from the imported birds, I have found the iris coloration to be different then the US "risoria" in the Wild Type, Tangerine, Tangerine Pearled & Orange. The Crested has a more orange-yellow iris color, whereas in the US "risoria" the iris color is a red/brown or chestnut brown/red. This different iris coloration should be noted & incorporated into their description. The Crested will be bred to the US "risoria" & this orange-yellow iris coloration may disappear all together. See the Coloration Comparison 

The genetic symbol (cr) has been voted upon & approved the the ADA Board 10/2005.

IDS congratulates the fancier for importing this mutation and allowing fanciers to obtain some young produced from the imported birds. The birds in these pics are juvenile yet & the "crest" may change when they attain adult plumage. There may be variation in the size & shape of the "crest feathers".

©John Pire
Tangerine - showing "crest" (side & top views)

©Fred Quimbo - Philippines
The picture above of the Blond Crested Ringneck is probably a bird directly from the area of the mutations' origin which is on an island between the Philippines & Thailand. Fred obtained four birds from a bird dealer in his country - two Blond Crested & two Blond non Crested. Any one with information on this mutation & it's place of origin please contact IDS.

Below is the information from Malek al Wazzan from Kuwait
"Crested Ringneck Doves , This mutation origin is in south east Asia in Island between Philippine and Thailand as natural mutation occurred in by the creation of this bird. This Bird is Been imported in 1990 to Kuwait, Genetics are beginning on this mutation with its importation. it was in the 3 colors white, fawn and Ivory.  Dr.Miller who have helped me with the basic in the Crosses of colors mutation after importing all his colored birds 1992 -1993, I have proven  for the 1st time 1993 that the Crested Ringneck Doves is Recessive mutation, and I crossed the imported Ringneck Doves new colors, and made the crested fawn color which was the only color I have back in 1991 to be for the 1st time in all the new colors I  have imported from the US, most of the birds now in the US is imported from  Kuwait  are the latest generation out from  Dr. Miller birds Normal head of  92 - 93 and my crested fawn bird which to Kuwait. I have wrote many articles in ADA & CDA and the American Pigeon Fancier in 93 - 95.Also promoted the birds photos in the NYBS in Kentucky in Oct 1994, I have exported in 96 some of the crested birds to Holland to Mr. H van Grouw, I been as well Dr.Miller in his Dutch articles in the Onz Vogel's magazine in Holland, so this was the 1st time in Europe, and I have send some this year to Mr.Fred in Belgium the president of the Doves Club. Malek al wazzan - Kuwait 1993 " Visit Malek's web site:

©Malek al Wazzan

Malek sent the 3 pictures below showing the crested & the "double crested" (Tufted & Crested) & included some of his data. In his experience with the "crest" X tufted": the crest & tufted genes were recessive in the 1st generation of young. the 2nd generation of "double crested" (Tufted & Crested) are producing the visual effect o f the Tufted & Crest on the same bird.

Single Mutants                                                                 Tufted